Monday, 15 November 2010

Asset List

Asset List:

Mongolian - Tara
Marmot - Hayley
Eagle -Sam
Hut -Dean
Cooking Pot -Dean
Fireplace/Fire -Hayley
Food (probably about 3 pieces?) -David
Stew for in Cooking Pot -Dean
Trees – 10 should be enough? -Sam?
Ruined temple front -David
Cooking accessories (probably 2/3) -David
Bush near hut -Sam/Tara

I know Sam is doing the backgrounds so Tara or Dean may want to do the trees or the bushes, and we also need the terrain so let me know who wants to do maybe some grass or dirt tests. If there are any problems we will sort them by the end of the week and begin modelling.

I reckon the extras could be modelled by the end of next week even if not textured etc, obviously the characters need longer.

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