Saturday, 18 December 2010

Limbo Research

Guys this is really nice, Alex Bax posted it on Facebook, shows what atmosphere you can create without much colour.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Aims for christmas

Check your emails guys get in contact via email stay in contact have a nice christmas.


I was watching the Bruno Mars video, and at just over a minute it shows him over a background it looks really cool- what do you reckon for our film?

I tried using a Ramp Shader to make the outline and then have the rest of the scene black then used After Effects and the Luma Key to remove it. I think it could look quite cool and you can use a few colours to add shadows or highlights.

It would look like a scroll story... what do you reckon?

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Hans bachure blog

Guys this is an amazing blog link with a wealth of character and environmental designs. I'm looking forward to really exploring in great detail styles of environments.

Its just full of useful links to artists and also references to chraracter design.
Ill work on the animatic get that sinked to a much better sound track then ill really start spending a lot of time creating digital paintings. This will give you all a clear idea of how are film will look.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Back to the drawing board...

Mongolian drawings... god knows what Mike wants

Mongolian aka Santa

Mongolian with really skinny features and a massive head

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Mongol Character sheet

I mad his legs shorter and coloured him, any other changes i need to make?

Friday, 10 December 2010


Here are the presentation slides so everyone knows where their bits are and the order. If you want me to change it before Monday let me know. I have added a slide after the tests: titles for the test render of the first scene as I thought that would be good to finish on.
The squares are where there are videos, just not put them on yet.

Hope this is ok... just need the animatic and Dean's props!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

a very quick knock together of the possible title sequence. this is only a very basic I plan to done alot more with it but please any suggestions or feed back would be great. Also the reason why the 'S' is red is becuase its a mask.

Opening shot test

Presentation Animation Tests

Animation Tests put together for the presentation...

snatched animation tests from Hayley Allen on Vimeo.

Hope these are enough, I am adding more to the presentation now like the colour scripts etc from the blog, let me know what you want on there

Marmot Model..

I don't know how to get the lines off his belly, but when he is smoothed they go. Any ideas?

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

A quick environment test render

Environment test render from Samuel McGuire on Vimeo.

Rigging tests

This is one picture at the minute, ill put more up tomorrow, but i haven't forgotten hayley....

Script Update



David Legge


Scene One

Ext – Deserted Mongolian landscape – Dawn/Morning

Camera pans down from a early morning sky to show a vast Mongolian landscape with large snowed mountains, there is a small wooden hut with a smouldering fire outside in the distance.

A Mongolian man (mongol) has prepared his food placing his plate on a wooden log.

The Man looks really hungry and happy that he is about to eat his food. He closes his eyes as if to eat his food and munch down on it.

The Marmot jumps on the back of the Mongolian man’s head and runs away with the food.

The Mongolian Man bites the plate and when he realises the food has been taken he is very upset and angry.

Scene Two

EXT- Mongolian Landscape

The Mongolian man chases the Marmot across a vast distance over a hill. We can see here how far away the Marmot is from the Mongolian Man as he pants behind.

The Marmot Dodges round a giant rock.

The Mongolian Man doesn’t dodge the rock but smacks into.

The Mongolian manages to jump over the rock and carry on running.

Scene Three

Ext – Deserted Mongolian landscape – Morning

The Mongolian man chases the marmot further.

The Marmot jumps over a broken down Cart without any problems.

The Mongolian man crashes into the Cart sending debris flying.

The Mongolian man Appears from the dust and debris, attached to two of the Cart’s wheels where he is struggling to stay on them.

The Mongolian flies past getting closer and closer to the Marmot.

Scene Four

Ext –Forest - Morning

They enter into a forest full of trees, its quite dark with angel rays shooting through.

The Mongolian makes a jump for the marmot and the wheels fly off.

The Mongolian is inches from the marmot when an Eagle swoops in and picks up the Marmot.

The Man is by himself, looking up at the eagle taking his food away.

The Mongol looks to the floor and sees a big leaf that looks like a feather.

Black screen

Scene Five

Ext –Outside of Forest - Morning

The Mongolian Man is set and ready to jump off the cliff with leaves attached to each of his arms to look like Wings.


Marmot line up....

I'm still unsure about the colours... i don't know what we are going for?

Magical reference

Monday, 6 December 2010


Here's a couple of fonts I was able to get for the title sequence. There are a couple that I like but would like some feed back from you guys of which one I should use and start to animate for the titles.

Hey Dean, I think the bottom one is strong, The style looks like Asian calligraphy. The only thing which could be changed a little is the T as it looks like the Christian Cross. I think The bottom one is perfect If we just do some subtle things with it. The line across which makes the t could be stroked diagonally Ill do send you a image.  of what I mean as its easier to describe visually.   Nice work.


The colourboard for the animatic

Water Test Number One and Fall Over

Just a quick test I did by making a water shader, don't know how detailed you want it as it will only be in shot quickly, and obviously in the shape of a stream. Also do you want it to be animated and moving water or is still like this enough?

Fall Over Animation:

fall over test from Hayley Allen on Vimeo.

Sunday, 5 December 2010


Chinese Prints.

Character Concept

This Is the final design for The Mongolian. I Went for a cell shaded look.
The other images show different variations which were done prior to this.

Cell Shaded Style


Tidy Version.

Textured style Eyes were to rectangular.

Scanned In model Sheets.

Model Sheet All poses.

Completed Model Sheets.

Experimenting with other character designs.

Experimenting with Styles, blending textures in, Making Image look old.

 Diogo's contribution character concepts.

Eagle Modeling Part 2

Hey David here is an updated version of the eagle what do you think?

New Version

Old Version

render tests facial