Saturday, 30 April 2011

Eagle Rig

So Im just checking the eagle rig, ive gotta do some painting of weights and check he can fly ok, so ill animate him flying.......
You'll all get him on A-Drive when im happy with him

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Animation Test 01

The Shot i got was the marmot pointing out to the mongol that the eagle is about to swoop in and steal there chicken.
Its only my first piece of animation, and im hoping to get it looking a lot better than this.....

The jumps need to be sorted out, and the hands need to be weighted. Maybe more expression and panic needs to be shown.......... Need to go into animation editor......

Dan's feedback:

Right arm needs overlap

Head overlap

Ears move bit more

Add more blinks on other two jumps

Belly bounce- Ill try adding jiggle deformer again

Feet to land at different times, or take off at different times

Need to find out the camera shot.......

Saturday, 23 April 2011


I know, the wrist can only be rotated, but its the way you set up your rig. Taking off the lock on the rotate gives the same principle as your sliding attributes on the hand, but makes it a bit easier to control the wrist. if you want it like the marmot, i may need to re-do the arm set-up.

Let me know if u want it changed.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Rotating the Wrist

Hey just a quick one, when you use the rotate on the wrist it does not rotate the arm aswell it stops dead at the wrist which isnt right...?

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Animation Shots

Animation Shots

Camera Zoom in eagle view. - sam

Marmot sniffing the smell - Daljeet

Marmot sneaks up behind man - Dean

Mongol looks around, Mongol and Marmot come face to face - rob

Marmot steals the Chicken - hayley

Marmot runs away - Hayley

Marmot runs off Tex Avery Style - hayley

Mongol runs towards camera – james rob hayley

Mongol chase marmot up a hill and they trip on rock – marmot leaps forward and Mongol is thrown. – Tex Avery style

Sliding down hill. - daljeet

Camera shake towards log - dean

Marmot and Mongol Sliding through log. - David

Both slide out of log, Marmot get grabbed in mid air - David

Free-Fall Fighting - Hayley

Cloud of smoke (After effects)

Climb out of ditches both Mongol and marmot. - Dean

Marmot and Mongol run cycle over the hills - hayley

Mongol reaches top of hill slowly – out of breath - Rob

Marmot dancing - Hayley

Mongol takes chicken from behind the marmot

Bird flying in - david

Marmot point out the eagle behind him, jumping up and down and flapping his arms. - tara

Mongol looks around at bird. - hayley

Bird snatches chicken

- Marmot turning on a Spit. – sam

Monday, 18 April 2011

Sitting Problems

Ive been trying to get the man to sit but every position I try has difficulties with the skirt bit of this clothing, I think it is because the leg stops just above the skirt level so the weighting isnt quite right and also at some angles you can see where it stops. Can he sit on something like a rock as it reckon he will pose better that way?

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Chicken Scale

I am going to use the chicken piece at this scale, that way it isn't too small for the man and he can hold it by hand and the marmot can by his mouth. It is also not too small that it will be lost on screen :)

Render update

Monday, 4 April 2011

Beauty Shot working Over Sam's render.

Hey everyone I have just been trying to figure out wyas of improving the style, of the render.

  1. Think I should Work into the paper background, e.g. paint over the top.
  2. The mountains could be stronger, if they had a depth of dark to light, dark at the top light at the bottom like iconic Chinese Paintings.
  3. Create a layer of White mist like chinese Paintings. 

I think The top one looks better, We don't need to change much just some more lighting, and mist may look good we will have to try it out.