Monday, 20 June 2011

Virgin Media Shorts

This could be a great competition for our film and I hope David enters it:

Lights, camera...action!

Virgin Media Shorts, the UK's biggest short film competition, is back with a bang for its 4th year.

Whether you're a Shane Meadows in the making or a Ridley Scott on the rise, we think every raw talent needs a break.

We're passionate about discovering the next big thing. And, as the only people to offer TV, broadband, phone and mobile, we're in the perfect place to offer film makers the biggest arena to showcase their work - online, on TV and on mobile phones. We can give you a leg up in the film industry and give millions of people the chance to see your work.

Virgin Media Shorts gives 12 up and coming film makers the chance to show their work on 35mm in cinemas nationwide for a whole year, across the Picture House network and independent cinemas. Plus, the lucky winner of our Grand Prize lands £30,000 to make their next film, along with some expert mentoring from the UK's leading film body, the British Film Institute.

Here’s the full list of what’s up for grabs in 2011:

* 12 film makers win a chance to show their work in cinemas nationwide for a whole year
* One lucky winner gets £30,000 to make their next film with money-can't-buy mentoring from the BFI
* One People's Choice winner takes home thousands of pounds' worth of new film equipment
* Plus, we reward the university, college or school with the most entrants with loads of shiny new kit

What we're looking for

Think big! We'll be showing 12 shortlisted films on the silver screen. So think about what will work well on the big screen. Be cinematic.

Think about the story. What makes a great short film? Find your own voice. Try something new.

Add plenty of polish. We're looking for raw talent and brilliant ideas, but that shouldn't stop you making sure that all the elements in your film are as good as they can be. Understand the importance of good sound, camera work, acting and editing. All of these things work together to help create the world you're trying to portray.

Try to have a critical eye on your own work - cutting things that don't hit the mark technically or just aren't needed to tell the story.

Up to 2 minutes 20 seconds (140 seconds), including top and end credits.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Scene 16

Much faster and has more movement, Mongol shakes his fist reacting to Marmot getting the chicken, quicker camera movement down

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Animation Updates Fourth June

scene six

scene seven

scene twenty one very rough basic block movements, will be worked on Monday

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Scene 6 Stealing Chicken

I have changed this scene quite a lot since my feedback, as the Marmot run cycle has been improved and he just jumps slightly now to grab the chicken rather than being over dramatic and turning away first like he did before.
The Mongolian also barely moves although I did keep him raising his arms as I needed a way for him to have less of a grip on the chicken in order for the Marmot to be able to 'snatch' it.

I also think it looks better with this camera angle. I tried to make it more dynamic and interesting, and also lined up the Mongolian with the hut in order to draw the audience's eye down towards the action.