Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Scene 14 Nearing the End :)

I am hoping this is nearly the end of this scene now... i have improved some of the arm movement, added the hand overlaps/grabs, expressions, eye movements, weight of the marmot landing on the arm, head movements, and obv the camera... im sure there are some other bits too

I am going to concentrate on the other scenes too any changes to this can be made afterwards

Monday, 30 May 2011

Scene 7 Updates

Hopefully this is better H x

Scene 8 Run Cycle Updates

I have moved the camera and made the movement at the beginning slower (he does not move as far in this time) hopefully this shot is finised now!!

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Scene 7 Changes

Is this movement for the head better? Also added blink. Can make shapes less dramatic if you want, I've been having some trouble with the blend shapes as some were not added and some clash with each other, but I can look into this more if people are having trouble aswell.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Freefall Change Around

Hey guys, I have completely changed the freefall to make it simpler and closer to the animatic. I need to work out the beginning fall a but more make the legs move a bit more and the marmot not turn so fast but I am far more pleased with it and hope you are too... let me know what you think so I can refine it on Monday and smooth out the graph editor more :)

Thursday, 26 May 2011

David's Animation

Scene 6 Update 26th May

I am getting there with this scene now, the main problem is the chicken floating around but this was because I moved the Marmot's hand which it is parented to, so this should be resolved today.

My focus today will be on the freefalling scene then tomorrow back to the final ones of the Marmot dancing. This means by next week they should all be ready for final polishing. I am going to upload all of my scenes so far onto Adrive now so you can see them and also maybe render the run over the hills sequence to test it etc.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

After Effects Flame Test

As I have been testing the flames in Maya I thought I would also try in After Effects to see which the group prefers. I have been playing with Trapcode Particular and think this looked the best, but I can sit with Dave and try for something better if you prefer

Using the same flame on a still in Sam's scene:

Reminder of the cartoon flame I made in Maya (which can be textured however you want) :

Let me know which you prefer and I will keep testing them this week until they are perfect :)

Scene 8: Run cycle

I have quickened the Marmot's run cycle as he seemed too slow to be properly running away from the Mongolian:

Although from the camera shot and scale of the scene it probably will not make much distance. I have done it in the cartoony fast run like in the Animatic as there is no way he could cover this much distance in the timeframe. Again we will probably get away with the feet being in different positions for example when landing and taking off again as he is so small compared to the environment and there are no close ups of the feet.

Let me know if this is ok tomorrow :)

Tara Please Help!!

I don't know what I have done to the arm... the hand will not follow the arm... please help or tell me how to fix him, thank you! xx

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Scene 21 and 22 Update

After this he will hold up the chicken - and ignore the beginning it is a very rough block out :/

Monday, 16 May 2011

Shots 6 and 7 Update

I know shot 6 needs some more work especially when the Marmot grabs the chicken, but I will add this probably tomorrow...

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Marmot run cycle

I have made the marmot more running than skipping, the legs have gone a little wierd im going to try smoothing them out tomorrow night after work, is he ok holding the chicken this way? H x

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Scene 5 Starting Pose

Just want to know which pose you prefer for the Mongolian sitting down in Scene 5. Animatic shot:

Sat upright like Tara's pose earlier in the blog:
Partly leaning down with legs to the side:

Leaning completely down:
The last one probably matches the animatic the most, but which shall I start from?

Skip Update

I know it is still the skip, I will redo it if you really want me to...

But I did quicken it up and he now has the chicken in his hand

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Freefall Update

Getting there with the man now, Marmot only blocked out so will work on his movement tomorrow

Is this any better for the Man's movement?

Monday, 9 May 2011

Mongol and Marmot Running

I downloaded Rob's Mongol run cycle and added in my Marmot skip and here is the result.

I may quicken the skip slightly as the Mongolian runs faster than him, but I think the skip suits his cheeky personality and the dancing at the end better than my previous run cycles.

Now I have about finished this we can add to the running scenes and I can also do the stealing the chicken as he runs away from the Mongolian.

Tshirts and Quick Poster

Thursday, 5 May 2011

New Chicken model

I've remodelled and uv mapped the chicken, im still working on the textures at the moment, the new model has been uploaded to the a drive :D

Animation Update

Schedule Till End of Term

Schedule Till End of Term




SAM – Chicken carcass on spit modelled

HAYLEY – Dancing Marmot sequence

TARA – Pointing Marmot

DEAN – Climbing out of holes shot



(Decision needed for end shots….)

DAVID – Textures For Mountains, Sliding in and out of log shot.

SAM – Mongol cooking/Preparing food/ Rendering

HAYLEY – Free Fall Fight sequence

TARA –Rig Chicken carcass, Sliding down hill Shot

DEAN – Climbing out of holes shot - Finalise

ROB – Run Cycle - MARMOT


DAVID - Sliding in and out of log shot.

SAM – Marmot turning on spit, Mongol Pleased. / Rendering

HAYLEY – food gets snatched from marmot, Mongol happy, Mongol Looks round at bird. Food gets snatched.

TARA – Sliding down hill shot

DEAN – Marmot sneaks up behind man shot

ROB – Mongol looks round and comes face to face with Marmot shot


DAVID– Bird flying in

SAM – Lighting/ Rendering/ Compositing

HAYLEY – Chase, Trip on rock and go flying/ Clean up animation/ Applying run cycles to shot sequences

TARA – Applying run cycles to shot sequences

DEAN – Man sneaking up behind man shot finalise

ROB – Clean up on any of your animation that’s needed.


DAVID – Rendering/ Compositing

SAM – Lighting/ Rendering/Compositing

HAYLEY - Clean up animation / Applying run cycles to shot sequences

TARA - Applying run cycles to shot sequences

DEAN – Title sequences


DAVID– Rendering/ Compositing

SAM– Rendering/ Compositing

HAYLEY- Clean up animation/ Applying run cycles to shot sequences

TARA - Rendering/ Compositing

DEAN – Title Sequences





David's Texture Update.

Hi everyone here is an update of the textures.

There are a few minor problems with the seems, But we can sort that out quite easily.

I made sure that the detail stayed minimum, and worked over the textures, Tara had created for some of the textures.


I like that we have kept the textures simple,

But I feel we could benefit in making the eyes really nice, and beautiful lol.. here is a nice reference image, I think the simplicity with the detailed eyes could work well.

However concentrate on the animation I will be looking into this.

PS I will make the clothes of the man less red. 

Sunday, 1 May 2011


I was just having a play in Maya and made this explosion... it could be used at the end of the freefalling scene if you want it in 3D and not just in After Effects, although that could add to it

Animation Thus Far

I have mainly been working on the Marmot dancing today, it is still a work in progress and I have not touched the arms yet, he is going to be holding the chicken and it will move in his hands.

I will hopefully have it up to scratch tomorrow.

This was the freefall I started but looking at it now it is too spinny so I am going to start it afresh tomorrow. I am going to focus on these two scenes this week as they are my hardest and I want to get them looking good. I also started a Marmot run today which I will try and finish tomorrow.