Saturday, 6 November 2010

Character Reference

Before beginning charter designs, I decided to do some more research into characters which all ready exist in the animation industry. I hope to add more style into my characters and will learn from the professionals.

The folllowing reference images were to help create the Marmot character.

 In this picture I am focusing on The little hamster form the Disney animation Bolt. The little Marmot could look like this. 

The large eyes could work well to add expression.

I put this picture up for character poses.
More ideas for the Marmot.

Miyizake's my neighbor Totoro is full of interesting quirky characters.

The follwoing images will give me ideas towards the Mongolian Man. 

Ling is a character from the Disney film Mulan, he is skinny funny and quite simplified.

Completely opposite to Ling, Shan - Yu is large and powerful, the character could go either way. 

The following Art is from The french School of Animation Goblin. And the short is named Inka Bola

The simple texturing gives a soft finish to the character. the modeling is simple also. The character is skinny which make animating easier. E.g. a large belly could be fun but a nightmare.

In the Next Blog Post I will include artistic Styles and will research in more detail the style which are group is looking for. after a sufficient amount of research is completed I will begin chracter Concept.

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