Sunday, 21 November 2010

Flame Tests

rendered image:

maya scene:

I created this type of flame using fluid effects in Maya, the first video is the one i ended up with, then the two after that have just been playing with the settings.

The top image shows that the emitter was too high and it did not look like the logs (cylinders) were on fire, so I moved that down to begin with.

I still think the first looked the best out of the three, but I did not want the flame to be as see through, so I changed the Opacity colour to a darker shade. The last video shows the colour change.

The last flame is the best as it is more opaque but I do not know why it has the circular glow behind it. This may not be as noticable when the flame is in full roar rather than starting up as these are, but I will test it out more tomorrow.

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