Sunday, 28 November 2010

Hercules Reference and Rigging Faces

David - I really think we should make the characters more styled to the time and place where they are from. I agree with you that Ling in Mulan would be great for our character- try changing the outfit for him and maybe making his cheeks bigger?
I realise this video isnt Mongolian but the Hercules style of drawing is similar to the period it is from. I think we should utilise this for our film. I blogged a couple of images from a history book yesterday these could help with your designs. If not maybe we could all go to a museum or something on tuesday?

These images show my progress with the facial rigging. I have weighted the face and I am now creating the blend shapes, although my computer keeps not working properly I hope to get this done ready for expressions by Monday afternoon and ready to show Tuesday.

Start of the blendshapes- Dave will you rig me a rough face to try and practice on the character? Thank you

Add: Just watching Hercules I think the style of the Hydra is awesome because you can barely tell it is 3D, it is really styled aswell, and I like the low angle shot looking up at the heads near the end, we could use that looking up at the man and use the reddish colours to make it look like he has won and then the Eagle swoops in.

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