Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Photoshop Initial Ideas Colouring

Here are some of my initial ideas/concepts.
This is my Mongol. He has a beard/moustache thing as I think it could look cartoony that he does not need a mouth and also my reference images of a Mongolian man had one similar. I thought rather than him wearing little clothing (which they do not do because of the conditions) his clothes are really baggy to show that he is thin, so they hang off of him. I am going to learn Maya cloth this term so will make this look effective flapping in the wind etc. His sleeve cuffs are red to show the danger of the situation and the hunt. His legs are also really thin to reinforce that he is hungry and skinny, which is why his top is tucked into his trousers. His hat is just cool only joking again it was in my reference images.

This one is just a quick one based on the landscape and how simple the environment could be. It also shows his hut and Mongol running after the Marmot.

I just did a bit of colouring in of a Marmot on my graphics tablet. He will need to be more cartoony though and his tail is hidden in the picture which will really identify what he is.

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