Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Marmot Reference

I found this doorstop and thought his roundish shape may help for the design of the marmot, especially his leg positioning and where his weight is held

The body is really round so this would probably be slimlined for the Marmot.

Although it is quite cute. I am going to use this as reference for my concept art or poses. For example this could be good for the Mongolian looking down into his cute eyes...

This morning I have also watch the Tale of Despereaux, and really liked his design. I think if we removed his big ears, his face would be worth trying to emulate in some form, mainly because of his big eyes.

The big eyes and nose are essential to our Marmot, and these images show the expressions that Despereaux shows. The realistic looking eyes with large irises(?) work well with the character so I will look into that aswell.

Evidently he will have a different shaped jaw however, probably being more rounded or square to make it more prominent, and also no whiskers.

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