Thursday, 18 November 2010

Mission for monday. Everyone has something to get on with :)

Firstly we all fulfilled the tasks for Thursday.

The following Tasks have been set for monday.

After Monday we all Must begin Modelling and Animating.

Remember we have to think about scale so I will place a schale of the three characters. If there are any problems with the schale let me know.

  • Hayley 
  • Begin Modelling man
  • Continuing animating

  • Tara
  • Complete Marmot design
  • T poses
  • Finalize Eagle Design
  • T pose 

  • Sam
  • Animation tests
  • UV mapping tests 
  • Begin Modelling Eagle when drawings are ready.

  • Dean
  • Completing all colour designs at least 5
  • Research information on all the props. 
  • Researching into the making of animated films begin with searching on youtube and typing Inka Bola. 

  • David 
  • Complete rough story boards modified to the changes. 
  • One completed concept painting
  • A detailed description of the the story including all the props. 

On thursday we are setting out to a park and will film and photograph in order to create detailed story boards. 

Tara if you are struggling to get the eagle done as well as the Marmot Please select your favourite eagle designs and allow Sam to design them. If this happens the Eagle will be A priority for Sam above other tasks as we need to get these characters finished so we can move on to other things. Thank you.  

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