Friday, 5 November 2010


I found this video on youtube about Mongolia, it shows a lot of potential for the environments.
do you want the environment to be out in the middle of nowhere like the last few images or set more near a deserted temple or ?
Also I like in the video where it says you can go out there and hear the sound of your own breathing, that could be really effective during the chase to create tension, maybe in a slow motion part?

Well done Hayley some really great footage. I think the Inside of the Ger Mongolian house could work really well, full of authentic mongolian culture. I think we can kill two birds with one stone. I have been thinking of how to cut the story down and obviously there is a lot of tedious unnecessary running. So the chase could go straight through a village which will give us a chance to throw things in like bits of runied temples and other mongolian houses. The fact that the pace of the scene will be fast this should help us to get away with rough modelling.

The vast expanse ''hearing your own breath'' so clearly works perfectly. traveling through the Gobi Desert is a possibility either that r mongolian grass lands. We need a vast landscape full of amazing mountains in the background.

I wish I hadn't watched this video buy hey it may come in useful of them cooking Marmot. :( Poor Marmot.

I have seen this before Ian Wright is very good. I know hopefully are Marmot won't share the same fate.

Another wierd eating video this time from The Long Way Round, they are all sat around eating animal testicles... nice... but I also wondered if the main character is going to have his own little hut like this as the colours in the background are quite nice.

Yes I think he should have a little house like this maybe it starts showing the landscape and his hut then go's inside revealing mongolian general things. After I research character designs and concept pieces I can work on the story boards.

Another Long Way Round video, I realise the content is about some of them crashing but it showcases the kind of back drops that we need for the film. They are really expansive and breath-taking.

Expansive and breathtaking is definitely what we are after. We can expand on the idea greatly.

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