Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Mongolian Art

I have been looking at Mongolian art to see if it could help us with our artistic style for the film, here are some of my favourite images

The first has lots of bright colours and I liked the contrast between the sand and the detail. I also thought the curving of the animals was really interesting and could be used in the desert if the Mongolian is hazy and trying to look for the Marmot.

I liked the style of the horses because of their elongated legs. The horses seem really important in Mongolian culture, and I think there needs to be a reference to them even if they are stood in the village. I am also going to try and look into animating one for Dan's project.

These next few images are good examples of the landscape and the culture. I particularly like the first because of the block of colours for the environment, and the last would be amazing to replicate. The colours in them show that we can have some fun and not just use plain browns and dull yellows too, maybe making the shadows different colours to what you would expect?

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