Monday, 29 November 2010

New Story Boards

Same concept just adds a sense of danger and comedy.

Breakdown of story.

Man is about to eat, marmot steals it.
The chase begins a hill shows them rushing past.
The man smashes into a rock eventually tumbling over it.marmot dives round it.
A wheel barrow lays waiting, the man smashes into it while the marmot jumps over it.
next scene the wheel of the wheel barrow lay stuck to his bottom of his feet so he gains momentum.
he passes through the forest at great speed the marmot is in reach, the wheels have fallen from his feet.
just as he is about to snatch the marmot Eagle flys in and grabs the marmot.
he drops down looks at the tree branches and the final scene is of him about to jump and try to fly after his meal.

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