Monday, 29 November 2010

Rigging and Expressions

Ok carrying on with the rigging, I created the blendshapes for the character then realised he doesnt have eyebrows so couldn't do the expressions for the eyes :/

So I loaded the version which did and used the tutorial's shapes to create the blendshapes. They all work yay :)

My next stage is to make the eyes able to close and also make the eyes move.

After rigging for a while I moved onto creating the expressions... I started with Moom but I don't think he is very good for expressions really.

So I downloaded this rig from Creative Crash, which looks much better. So here are some expressions based on the images we took, although I would like some more to get a range.

This rig doesnt just have the blend shape sliders, so I need to know if people want to just use the sliders or would we like controls like this, I will look into it anyway just need to know for the final rigs how people prefer to animate.

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