Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Please Adapt this to the storyboards, or ill do it over weekend.....



David Legge


Ext – Deserted Mongolian landscape – Dawn/Morning

Camera pans down from a early morning sky to show a vast sandy desert landscape with large snowed mountains, there is a small wooden hut with a smouldering fire outside in the distance.

A Mongolian man (mongol) is preparing his food placing his plate on a wooden log. He is about to eat his food he has left to cool down, while a growling bush watches.

Ext – Mongolian landscape – Bush

From inside the bush we see the Mongolian preparing his food further.

INT- Cooking pot

We see the Mongolian man making his meal from inside the pot as he takes the lid off.

EXT- Mongolia landscape – Next to Hut, By Bush

The little Marmot jumps cutely out of the bush. He scurries over towards the meat that has been left on the plate.

The Marmot then takes the food, but is seen by a very angry Mongolian man.

EXT- Mongolian Landscape

The Marmot is chased by the Mongolian man across a vast distance.

The marmot jumps through a broken wheelbarrows legs, while the Mongolian man gets stuck, the marmot gets away.

They run through lots of Mongolian huts through the middle, and the Mongolian man gets tripped up by some of the cooking pots left lying around on the floor.

The marmot gets chased into a forest, which is dark and dreary with angel rays coming through the trees.

When they come out of the trees, the Mongolian man leaps for the marmot and catches him rolling off the edge of a cliff.

They collapse on a heap on the floor. Dust flies up.

The Mongolian man raises up the ladle within his hands high above his head, as if to strike down on the Marmot. A bird shape casts a shadow over him.

A large Brown eagle sweeps down and grabs the Mongolian Man. The Mongolian man is dragged off into a distance.

The marmot is left happy with his little piece of meat.

Black screen


2D – Flash animation / Images

We see the Marmot sitting down back at the Mongol’s hut eating the Piece of meat with a knife and fork and a red checked hanky around his neck.

The Mongol in the Eagles nest being poised over for the little baby eagles underneath.

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