Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Script Update



David Legge


Scene One

Ext – Deserted Mongolian landscape – Dawn/Morning

Camera pans down from a early morning sky to show a vast Mongolian landscape with large snowed mountains, there is a small wooden hut with a smouldering fire outside in the distance.

A Mongolian man (mongol) has prepared his food placing his plate on a wooden log.

The Man looks really hungry and happy that he is about to eat his food. He closes his eyes as if to eat his food and munch down on it.

The Marmot jumps on the back of the Mongolian man’s head and runs away with the food.

The Mongolian Man bites the plate and when he realises the food has been taken he is very upset and angry.

Scene Two

EXT- Mongolian Landscape

The Mongolian man chases the Marmot across a vast distance over a hill. We can see here how far away the Marmot is from the Mongolian Man as he pants behind.

The Marmot Dodges round a giant rock.

The Mongolian Man doesn’t dodge the rock but smacks into.

The Mongolian manages to jump over the rock and carry on running.

Scene Three

Ext – Deserted Mongolian landscape – Morning

The Mongolian man chases the marmot further.

The Marmot jumps over a broken down Cart without any problems.

The Mongolian man crashes into the Cart sending debris flying.

The Mongolian man Appears from the dust and debris, attached to two of the Cart’s wheels where he is struggling to stay on them.

The Mongolian flies past getting closer and closer to the Marmot.

Scene Four

Ext –Forest - Morning

They enter into a forest full of trees, its quite dark with angel rays shooting through.

The Mongolian makes a jump for the marmot and the wheels fly off.

The Mongolian is inches from the marmot when an Eagle swoops in and picks up the Marmot.

The Man is by himself, looking up at the eagle taking his food away.

The Mongol looks to the floor and sees a big leaf that looks like a feather.

Black screen

Scene Five

Ext –Outside of Forest - Morning

The Mongolian Man is set and ready to jump off the cliff with leaves attached to each of his arms to look like Wings.


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