Monday, 17 January 2011

Todays Get together Meeting.

David - Anamatic for Friday where possible, Or as much as possible as we will need it for Monday if Not.
Also Scan in the diagram drawn for landscape

Sam - Finish Modeling the Eagle. Modeling - Trees, Rocks, Mountains, Shrubs and bushes. Research into More props.

Dean - Modeling - Hut, Tree/Log stump, Rocks and Fire, Chicken Leg, Cart

Tara - Model Marmot and Mongol - And Rigging

Hayley - Practice Animation, Tests and Sketches for the Scenes.

We also need to all research more props that could go into the scene. Any Models would be better to draw them, This can then Add to your artistic folder.

Tutorial from Sam on Monday. We are all in 11:30 next monday. See you there!

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