Monday, 28 February 2011

Man Model Changes

Ok I need a couple of changes for the man - I will need the beard and eyebrows to be final before I do the blendshapes as they will be moved while I am using the grab tool for the expressions. This is the main priority for me to start work on him.

Also the inside of the mouth looks disgusting - remember it will be seen and textured and also it probably needs to be joined at the back otherwise you will see through to the back of his head.

Please can I have the changes by tomorrow? I can start to add the joints in when I have scaled him to the Marmot

1 comment:

  1. Hey Hayley Right sam will be with me shortly so Ill get sam to sought out the mouth and then send it back. I will get Sam to model the eyebrows and beard also. Just letting you know I might make the head slightly bigger. And then we will send the model back to you. thank you.