Monday, 28 February 2011

Tex Avery Research

'Happy Go Nutty' - squirrel similar to Marmot

This one wouldn't let me embed, but it is awesome reference for the film. I like the squirrel going inside the trees that could be good to use, and also the balance between a bit of running and a gag, bit of running and a gag etc. The ending is also pretty cool, we could use 'the end' sign in ours in like mongolian script...

Tex Avery Chilly Willy The Legend Of Rockabye Point 1955

I put this one up mainly for the walk cycles. I really like the way that the penguin bends backwards and the polar bear bends mainly forwards. I think if the Marmot ran bending backwards it would be better with his bigger feet, so I am going to try this tomorrow. The polar bear stance could also be taken by the man to show they are opposites or against each other. Again I will try this with a different rig and then our final model when he is ready. The end when they go up the iceberg could be similar to the two running up the mountain and shows that we could do it quickly- it doesn't have to be timed realistically.
(I also think when he rocks the dog to sleep with his bum it's hilarious)

'The Black Cat'

This one is mainly just for fun, but I do like the way the dog holds his belly when he laughs. The Marmot could do this if he thinks he has got one over the Mongolian.

Droopy Dog-Out Foxed

This one is quite funny aswell. I like it around 4:50 when the fox is hiding around the dog and also at around 5:45 when the fox kicks droopy as they are running. The marmot himself could curl up and trip the man over?

Droopy Dog-Northwest Hounded Police

Nice camera shots running through the icy mountains- with him running towards camera- also theres a super big mountain about half way through.


  1. Awesome reference, As originally I was thinking of realistic running, but since its meant to be funny this makes a lot more sense. I like the way he covers so much distance

  2. I think the idea of how you think they should walk and run Hayley, the Marmot could be a bit dopey, he has a big head and looks really comical.