Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Man Eye Changes ( and Brows Beard Tweaks)

Sorry Sam but I need more changes on the eyes if I am using the geometry for eyelids. If you look at the image above of our model to one I was using the rig below you can see what I need. There needs to be more geometry to form actual lids that also go back a little way like the mouth in order for them to be grabbed and moved. At the minute they are just like a flat plane and it will not look right.

Just wondered if this looked a little better for the beard by making it thinner and less cowboy-fied? On the left I just adapted the existing geometry using a lattice, let me know if you want me to make the beard this way or keep with the thicker one. I can make the thin one bigger still if you wanted it longer etc.

I have also tried tweaking the eyebrow to make it more shaped like Mike said, I think he does look more oriental this way.


Eyebrow and Beard changes:

I don't know if this will affect the mirroring or blend shapes but the face isn't equal so the eyebrows and beard do not sit on the face the same on each side.

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