Sunday, 6 March 2011

Moving forward.

Ok guy's we can't spend any more time on the animatic! 

This week we need to move forward. 

Any alterations of camera shots can be played around with at a later stage.  All the perspective shots can really be exaggerated in maya to give it a more dynamic feel. 

This week I will talk to Hayley and Dalj and work out how to begin the animating process. e.g. deciding on who animates each character.

  • Maybe we can use some rave students to act out some of the scenes to help u animate?

Tara can start rigging the bird.

Sam can work with me on the main shot for the 23rd of march e.g. opening scene. Get it looking really nice.

Dean can begin UV Mapping mr Mongol.

  • Sound test lets get some sound in.
  • Music lets get some people to experiment with music.

I will continue modeling the first scene for the render.

Ok see you all tomorrow.

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