Sunday, 6 March 2011

Onimusha Research

Another game worth looking into for styles is Onimusha, especially the fourth one as I believe they tried to do a more painted style with that aswell. Here are a couple of concept pieces etc, but I will see if there is any more I can find.

(this next one is actually a fan piece from a deviant art page, but it looks really cool and the trees are really simple)

A couple of in game shots, I particularly like the next one as the colour in the sky looks nice against the grass planes.

More awesome concept art:

- David I was wondering if you could go all out and draw a concept piece we can use as promotional material for our film?


  1. Your such a gamer, Nice reference Ill put together some style boards today...

  2. Yes Hayley I will defiantly try, I will get back to the film properly from monday just trying my best to really get most of the dissertation out the way.