Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Chicken Scale

I am going to use the chicken piece at this scale, that way it isn't too small for the man and he can hold it by hand and the marmot can by his mouth. It is also not too small that it will be lost on screen :)


  1. I have also put on the Adrive account:
    The Marmot and the chicken
    The Mongolian and the chicken and
    Both the Marmot and Mongolian and the chicken

    So anyone who needs the files can just get them they are ready to go x

  2. Hey I didn't realize you said put it in his mouth, I don't think the mouth part will work. please put it in his hand. Sam will re model the chicken so he can make the bone thicker. it will be hard to put face expressions if the chicken is in his mouth.

  3. Dave -
    if I put it in his hand it will go through his head when moving him as the arms are stupidly short and head is too big
    plus the chicken will only be in his mouth when running and even then it will be changing between the characters