Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Scene 6 Stealing Chicken

I have changed this scene quite a lot since my feedback, as the Marmot run cycle has been improved and he just jumps slightly now to grab the chicken rather than being over dramatic and turning away first like he did before.
The Mongolian also barely moves although I did keep him raising his arms as I needed a way for him to have less of a grip on the chicken in order for the Marmot to be able to 'snatch' it.

I also think it looks better with this camera angle. I tried to make it more dynamic and interesting, and also lined up the Mongolian with the hut in order to draw the audience's eye down towards the action.

1 comment:

  1. Vastly Improved,

    The way the Marmot runs of and then hs a cheeky face works well, the run is better.

    The way the man looks kind of shocked and the quick head turn works well

    The one thing u might want to improve upon is the mans arm , when he suddenly realized the marmot steal it, the speed of his body reaction could be quicker. like imagine I grabbed u how fast your body would jump, or if someone stole something out of yoru hand like an epic sanwhich, your arms and hand would probably jump very quickly.

    If u can just try and tweak the reaction speed of the arms and hands I think it will be good to render. Well done its looking good.