Monday, 15 November 2010

Mongol Chracter Designs

Hey team, here are the character designs. I need to flesh them out add color and put them into some interesting Poses. I did these with modeling in mind. We will sort out a game plan tomorrow and all start fleshing concept designs for next Monday.

I felt this resembled a skinny Nomadic Man.

Original Sketch.

Side Profile for modeling.

Portrait Shot.


T pose Front.


Side Profile.

After showing the group the character, Sam and tara noted that the man was bow legged and also that the cloth covering his legs could be problematic in animation. I therefore altered the pose and gave him trousers instead i hope this is ok Guys if there are any problems I'll make further alterations. 

Firstly I researched some characters in T poses.I had done this previously but the one I was referring to was all bow legged.

I then altered my man to a similar position like these.

T pose front.

T pose back.

T pose side.

Rough chracter pose

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