Sunday, 14 November 2010

Shot List

Establishing shot- extreme long shot
Movement: Pan down towards yurt
Over the shoulder shot bush looking Mongol stood over pot
POV inside pot- Mongol opens pot smells stew
Very Long Shot – Marmot comes out of bush
Over the shoulder shot- Mongol looking in pot, Marmot running towards food
Choke shot of the Marmot biting food
Return to previous Over the shoulder shot, head turns round, Marmot jumps down
Extreme Close-Up on eyes

Over the shoulder- two shot Mongol chasing Marmot
‘CCTV’ shot from temple showing them run past into forest
Arial shot ‘Bird’s eye view’
Long shot running through trees
Side Long Shot running towards cliff
Low angle shot infront of Marmot

Mid-long shot bird in silhouette swoops down
Close up of man’s reaction
Long-very long shot of him being carried away
Camera pans to show them flying off into the distance

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