Friday, 5 November 2010

This Week's Aims

Just a few things to have done for the weekend:

*finalise the story (cut out sections)
*more research into character design and environment

Second film-
*Story idea finalised

For the end of the week:

*concept art especially for the characters so we can start modelling them
*start storyboarding changes
*research rendering tests - maybe put into practice

Second film-
*Finalise the story- plot points of what happens
*Start storyboarding

Term goals for both films:
*All concept design done rough and coloured images
*Storyboards finished
*Animatics (maybe even in 3D if necessary and according to modelling)
*Characters modelled possibly starting rigging
*Environments modelled or paintings decided upon
*Render tests

I think we should have about 2 weeks for finishing the stories and the concept side of things, then move onto production as soon as we can. By week three or four modelling can begin to co-incide with the animatics being made. I also think it is important we have at least a week before the pitching process to collate everything together effectively and practice.

Any thoughts?

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