Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Okami Research

I think it will be worth us looking into this game for the visual style of our film. It is made to look like a chinese scroll very stylised and artistic. Here are some concepts on the scroll like ours and some screenshots of the game:

I like the skies in both of these.


The Game Play video:

This probably shows the style better, especially at the end when there are mountains etc

Art Book:

There is an art book that may really help us... may be worth you getting Dave? There is a video half way down with a flip through of the pages :)


  1. This style is strong, I did some research into this its a good example as it's 3.d but incorporates the oriental 2.d style.

    I also think it could be really nice to make some 3.d swirly clouds and UV map them they could make the film look surreal.

  2. We will have this type of background , light brown paper effect.

    - I think we should go for a less intense chinese painted style, but incorporate some of these painted black lines.

    - Well keep it very simple and highly stylized.