Saturday, 28 May 2011

Freefall Change Around

Hey guys, I have completely changed the freefall to make it simpler and closer to the animatic. I need to work out the beginning fall a but more make the legs move a bit more and the marmot not turn so fast but I am far more pleased with it and hope you are too... let me know what you think so I can refine it on Monday and smooth out the graph editor more :)


  1. Ok Hayley, you need to cut it to about 5 seconds, which is shown in the animatic. This may speed it up. also in the animatic, the characters are just all ready in shot and they have each other in their arms, and then they notice the chicken, try to fight for it the marmot grabs it. and then there is like a split second and they come to realize they are about to crash look down and then they drop out of shot.

    Then Dean scene begins.

  2. They do start my scene in each others arms... also the animatic has it at 7 seconds I think if I cut it down the movement will be too quick and it will look odd, I only had the extra second to get enough flapping arms in.

    Also what you have described im sure ive done??

  3. Ok its about 6 seconds max .

    Have you tried using the new improved rig as the arms work a lot better.

    you have them both fall into the shot, I want them just falling from the beginning like the animatic. They eventually fall out of the shot in the last part.

    Im going to upload my scene file to adrive so you can grab it and have them in the same position at the beginning.

    I like the Marmot jump , where he jumps on the mongols head.

  4. Hayley the scene is massive so im just trying to cut it down

  5. I can cut them falling in, that was because i didnt know if i was starting the fall from your shot before. If I cut it to when they are in mid air that will take it to about 6 seconds, and it will be the camera that determines them falling out of shot

  6. Ok The shot on A drive is called Cut_Down_Shot15.mb

    good luck It will be on in about 15. 20 mnutes just uploading.