Sunday, 29 May 2011

Scene 7 Changes

Is this movement for the head better? Also added blink. Can make shapes less dramatic if you want, I've been having some trouble with the blend shapes as some were not added and some clash with each other, but I can look into this more if people are having trouble aswell.


  1. Ok Hayley , I think the head movement needs to be faster, like a sudden turn and then shock needs to follow, I tried acting it out my self you get a better feel for it. even try using a webcam and recording your expression, the head needs to turn quickly maybe about 6 frames, then the shocked look follows after the head. and the face expression wants again needs to change very quickly.

    Good Luck

  2. In my previous feedback it said have him pause at the beginning and then turn... do you want him to not have this and turn straight away?

  3. Ok there is not much time for a pause, its a quick snatch, then a reaction shot from the man, try acting it out as reference. yes juts have him turn straight away , with a puzzled/ confused face its very quick.