Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Freefall Update

Getting there with the man now, Marmot only blocked out so will work on his movement tomorrow

Is this any better for the Man's movement?


  1. Hey Hayley, I'm just going to give you some feedback.

    I think the spin in the air isn't working, Its quite confusing.

    Try a straight down fall, more like the animatic. I know this is a tough scene to do, so I understand its not easy. just check the animatic and try to capture it.

  2. The idea was the camera was going to go round with them remember? But I will get rid of the spin

    The other movements are like the same tho? Remember the animatic has the spin!

  3. The animatic has them rotate slightly, but not as much.

    Ok it will be easier when we see you tomorrow.