Monday, 9 May 2011

Mongol and Marmot Running

I downloaded Rob's Mongol run cycle and added in my Marmot skip and here is the result.

I may quicken the skip slightly as the Mongolian runs faster than him, but I think the skip suits his cheeky personality and the dancing at the end better than my previous run cycles.

Now I have about finished this we can add to the running scenes and I can also do the stealing the chicken as he runs away from the Mongolian.


  1. Ok the things you need to change, the chicken needs to go back in his hand.

    The skip needs to go as it makes the marmot look casual, rather then on the run.

    Then It should be fine.

  2. Then I've got to start it all over again

    And do you not get it that it is too big it will not look right and go through his head coz of the little arms!!!!!

  3. Ok again Dean and Sam can sort the size of the chicken tomorrow.

    But it has to go in his hand, as it just looks odd other wise we can make the bone as thin as we need, its cartoony, so don't worry to much about realism.

  4. The chicken needs to be thick though because otherwise the Marmot cannot hold it in the middle of his body for the dancing sequence

    I'll try and do a different run now then and see what happens :/