Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Scene 14 Nearing the End :)

I am hoping this is nearly the end of this scene now... i have improved some of the arm movement, added the hand overlaps/grabs, expressions, eye movements, weight of the marmot landing on the arm, head movements, and obv the camera... im sure there are some other bits too

I am going to concentrate on the other scenes too any changes to this can be made afterwards

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  1. Your favourite Shot ;)

    I know this one has been a major Pain,

    Ok the weight looks good in the marmot , especiially when he jumps on the mans head.

    It looks more like the man is falling in the air now.

    You need to make the mans arms, hands feet and legs speed up so not to fast but just so he looks more paniked imagine your falling in the air, you can imagine waving your hands and feet around a little faster to represent fear.

    also from the moment the marmot grabs the food, he needs to look down and the man needs to look down and then Bam they fall out of shot and the next scene is the big crash